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Trekking light

Inca trail light is a reworked trekking concept and definitely not limited to the traditional Inca Trails. On the contrary on trails with fewer regulations, light trekking literally sets you free. Amazing camp locations, away from the often crowded camp sites, it offers silent nights, except probably for the murmuring of the close by creek. On established trails like the Salkantay (one of our favourite treks) toilets have been set up in cooperation with local farmers, on who’s land we camp. For us it is important to include the local communities wherever we go, enhancing on one side the experience of the guest and on the other hand sharing the revenue of tourism.

Over the last two decades trekking and mountaineering has changed drastically, mainly because of the development of lighter and incredibly great materials. Using these modern advantages like titanium cups, plates and bowls, ultra light tents, sleeping pads and sleeping bags and cooking on lightweight gas stoves, using a fraction of the gas we were able to reduce the normal Inca Trail trekking weight per person by an astonishing more than 50%.

On the meals we researched into modern sports nutrition, so our meals are ideal for an active day. Our trekking assistants carry modern trekking gear and share the same meals as our customers, unlike the traditional porters they will be present and available for conversations throughout the hike. You will be amazed about their local knowledge and their stories.

All our treks can be offered in the light and more close to nature version. Please contact us for details:


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