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Q'inti gardens - humming bird gardens

Q'inti means hummingbird in Quechua. The beauty and symbolism of this bird is what inspires us every day in our work. Our logo is based on the Marvelous spatule-tail, one of Peru's 14 species of endemic humming birds.

We are launching the Q'inti Gardens! Q'inti Gardens will be located in private gardens of local people and communities who are willing to work with us to showcase their hummingbirds. CORBIDI, our scientific advisors, who have an extended team of birders and botanists, will help us locate these places and work with our local partners to maximize viewings throughout Peru. Already there are many, many gardens full of birds, which we dont know about. Having local people benefit from visitors appreciating the special birds in their yard is one way to add value to wildlife and make tourism more inclusive.

Humming birds are found only in the Americas. There are 300 species in total. Peru has 120 species of humming birds, of which 14 are endemic. Costa Rica and the United States have 52 and 15 species respectively. In the Sacred Valley we can find close to 10 species.

The hummingbird represents an ancient symbol of joy and happiness. Its colorful appearance brings good luck and positive energy to our lives. No matter what your challenges are, the hummingbird spirit animal is there to help and guide you.

Stay tuned to more news as we start adding humming bird gardens to our itineraries!

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Fotos: Naun Amable

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