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Glamping by Q'inti

Enjoy some of the most amazing natural spots in the Cusco region in our beautiful Glamping tents. 


The sacred valley and Cusco

Follow the footsteps of the Inca and other cultural highlights in the sacred valley


Nature Experiences

Nature and wildlife focussed experiences from the mountains to the Amazon


Inca Trails and Treks

Some of the traditional and other great Trekking routes, starting from simple day treks to week long experiences.


Luxury Experiences

Ideas and possibilities for a more luxurious experience 


Educational Experiences

Educational tours for students, or immersive culinary adventures for all


Manu National Park and the Pantanal Amazon rainforest

Come experience with us the most amazing explorations of the Amazon


Cultural Experiences

Be part of authentic and traditional festivals and local cultures


Photography Tours

Wildlife or bird photography with experienced guides 

At Q’inti we believe that travel is about experiences, be they of cultural, active, wildlife, rainforest or culinary nature, just to name a few. We believe that more often than not, “less is more”! Travel becomes more rewarding if we have time to pause, reflect and immerse ourselves into the life a destination has to offer. Our aim is to give you encounters with community and culture at some of the most beautiful spots this planet has to offer. To us travel is the passion to walk away richer in memories and spirit. Travel to us is the adventure to transcend towards a more global being and it is a journey we love to share. 

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