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Glamping by Qinti

So far we have identified a few sites of amazing scenic beauty, one of them reachable by car and the other two only by walk. But we promise you, that all the sites will give you a distinct and different aspect of the Andean Mountain world. 

All locations can be an integral part of what we call: Qinti ONE!



Chonta is a small picturesque village nestled on a mountain ridge above the deep gorge of the Apurimac river on one side and with a splendid view of the Vilkabamba-Mountain range on the other.  Besides the exceptionally beautiful views, Chonta is a great place to observe the Condors in their natural habitat. From the easy accessible view points, one has the chance to see them slowly rise on their incredible wingspan from the depth of the Apurimac Canyon. Chonta also offers a great opportunity to acclimatise for the high altitude treks of Salkantay and Inca Trail. 



Waking up at Wayramachay is simply beautiful. It might be the coldest morning of the trek, but what a view! Looking up the valley, you have the Matterhorn like tower of Humantay with his hanging glaciers. On the other side of the valley there are glaciers and peaks, finally culminating in its highest point - Salkantay. The camp ground and the valley are of amazing beauty. You can either rest, read a book, enjoy the sun, or join us on small hikes around the valley, visiting small farm steads and points from where you get that special view of the peaks around you. 

We are convinced that this day will make your journey more satisfying and rewarding. After all, we worked so hard to get to see this beauty, so why rush? 



Where nowhere is the place to be

True - it’s a hike to get there, you probably even sweat and breath hard till you reach the top. Is it worth it? YES!

The place is magical to say the least. It feels like being dumped into the middle of a far away enchanted forest, alive with birds, ancient trees, fragrant flowers and mosses that reach from the treetops to the ground.  The sky and the sun, create a constant display of light, colours and the clouds chip in with paintings of soft hues and shades. At Llactapata we experience the beauty of a fast eroding world, as cloud forests have shrunk to just 1% of the global woodlands, however it is estimated that they harbour the greatest concentration of species anywhere on land. 



A day with Elvin

What about a day with 3 generations Quechua culture? We take you up into the mountains, where you will meet Elvin and his family, traditional farmers. Elvin will introduce you into his day to day life and his traditions. The same program can be adapted into an overnight camping stay on the high pastures, dotted with Alpaca and Lama herds


Tres Cruces

Also known as the “Balcon del Oriente”, Tres Cruces offers you the gorgeous sight of the mountains dropping away into the vastness of the Amazon Basin. From this high altitude vantage point (3800 M) you can witness the sunrise drenching the hills and valleys into an amazing array of lights, colours and shades. Tres Cruces is within the borders of the Manu national park and located on the road between Cusco and the rainforest. 


Laguna Millpo

Not yet sure you are acclimatised for higher altitudes? 

We might just have the Trek for you. We take you on a beautiful day trek in one of the completely undisturbed side valleys of the Sacred Valley. The trail is a constant upwards till the lake, but never really steep. The scenery is amazing! We follow a beautiful brook, walk trough age old forests and end up on the typical high altitude meadows of the Andes, dotted with herds of Lama and Alpaca. 

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