The Manu river adventure

From Boca Manu, we change from the clear waters of Madre de Dios to the slow and winding muddy Manu river. As we slowly navigate between tree trunks and sandbanks human traces are left behind. Ancient forests line the river and we become surrounded by the sounds of nature and the journey turns into a treat for our senses. 

Our experienced guides and boat crew will introduce you to the sounds and sights of this amazing world. They will point out the bulging, barely visible eyes of the Caiman, the communicative snorting sounds of the giant otters and the vanishing silhouettes of the capybara as we slowly approach. There are even chances of getting a glimpse of the elusive jaguar, a tapir or a pangolin. 

During our stay in Manu NP, we visit the beautiful and serene Salvador lake, home to a family of giant otters, groups of Spider monkeys, Caiman and an endless number of birds. The second morning is reserved for the clay lick, visited by Scarlet Macaw and five other species of macaw and parrots. The afternoons are reserved for river excursions and forest walks. After dinner, our guides will take you on a night walk, a special world with the sounds of the creatures of the night. 

To reach the Amazon rainforest (2 days/1 night)

The journey from Cusco or sacred valley alone is an adventure. The initially tarred road takes you from the high altitude meadows into the lushness of the Amazon rainforests. Once you dive down into the cloud forests the road changes to gravel, a dusty and often gutsy experience. Steep ravines and gorges and a narrow road with never ending bends follow us most of the way. Many stops along the way to observe birds and amazing landscapes are the reward of the journey. 

We suggest that you break the journey in the lower regions of the cloud forest, where there are a few small lodges. The second day takes us down to the Madre de Dios river, where we exchange the car with a boat. On the way stops to observe birds and marvel at the beautiful scenery. By the end of the day we reach the small settlement of Boca Manu.