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A day with Elvin

A day with Elvin (full day or 1 overnight) 

What about a day with 3 generations Quechua culture? We take you up into the mountains, where you will meet Elvin and his family, traditional farmers. Elvin will introduce you into his day to day life and his traditions. The same program can be adapted into an overnight camping stay on the high pastures, dotted with Alpaca and Lama herds.  

Glimpses of a traditional life

Come and join us to meet a traditional farmers family up in the slopes above the sacred Valley. We pick you up from your hotel and drive you about an hour to the end of the road. From here its just half an hour walk to the home of Elvin and his lovely family. Elvin is a learned tailor, but because of his fathers early demise, he returned to look after his family. 

After lunch you can either decide to go back into the sacred valley, or take a 2.5 hour hike to our high altitude campsite (4250 Meters), surrounded by Lama and Alpaca herds. The nights might turn a bit cold, but the most amazing star strung sky is an experience not to be missed. In the morning visit to the close by homestead to enjoy the herds of Lama and Alpaca from close quarters, before they are left free from their overnight corals. After breakfast we take you in a lovely hike back to road. You will reach the sacred valley right in time for a lovely lunch and further afternoon explorations. 


Keep in mind that for the overnight an acclimatisation is required. We have the ideal programs to help you with an ideal preparation. 


For day visitors the program can be easily done without previous high altitude stays. 

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